Of Mice and Men


In the story, what do the other men think of Lennie? 

I think the workers at the ranch were suspicious who George and Lennie were at the beginning of the story because George answers the ranchowner when he asks Lennie a question. George says that Lennie isn’t much of a talker and tells Lennie not to answer or talk to anyone. But George says that Lennie isn’t so bright but a hell of a worker.

Later in the story the men on the ranch gets to know George and Lennie and thinks that they’re nice people. After they have been working with Lennie they think he’s a nice fellow and Lennie is the strongest man Slim has ever seen in his life. They accept Lennie for who he is although he isn’t bright and acts like a child.

But not all of the workers at the ranch like Lennie. Curley, a little man who’s the boss’ son, wants an excuse to fight with Lennie. That’s because Curley don’t like big people especially when Curley is a little man.


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Of Mice and Men

How do you know that George and Lennie have known each other for a long time? 

I think George and Lennie have known each other a while because they can see the good and the bad things in each other. My opinion is that you can’t see the good and the bad things if you haven’t been friends for a long time. One example is when George says that if he was in Lennies family he would kill himself. But I think George doesn’t really mean that, but said it because he got so much responsible and sometimes want to be alone.

I also think that they’ve known each other for a long time because they have made plans for the future. You don’t make plans for your future with a strange person. They also know what the other person loves and hates. Ex: George knows that Lennie loves rabbits and encourage Lennie when he’s in bad mood with that Lennie will trade the rabbits (when they move to a farm once in the future). Lennie knows also when George gets angry and what he’ll do and say to him.

I think this is a very strong friendship and that they really love each other!

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John Steinbeck Questions

  1. Which one of the novels won Pulitzer Prize was “The Grapes of Wrath” and  “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck.
  2. His whole name was John Ernst Steinbeck, and he was born on February 27, 1902, in Salinas Valley, California.
  3. “The Grapes of Wrath”, “Of Mice and Men” and “The Forgotten Village” was the three of Steinbecks books which were made into Hollywood movies.
  4. He wrote “Of Mice and Men” in 1937.
  5. During the Second World War John served as a war correspondent for New York Herald Tribune, and he also continued to work in film. He wrote “Lifeboat” and the film “A Medal For Benny”.
  6. United States Medal of Freedom was awarded from US President Lyndon B. Johnson to Steinbeck.
  7. His museum’s called the National Steinbeck Center.
  8. John Ernst Steinbeck became 66 years old.
  9. His novel “The Moon is Down” was from a Nazi-occupied villade in Nothern Europe resistance movement, and the German occupation of Norway is much like it.
  10. George Milton’s a small man who’s a carrying person and takes care of a friend, Lennie Small. Mr. Small has a mental problem as mentioned earlier on a wordpress assignment. George’s intelligent, but he means that his life would be much better if he didn’t was that responsible and carrying. Lennie’s dependent of George, and that’s of good reasons. Lennie doesn’t know his strength and does terrifying things.
    I like George because I think he can be an ideal for the world and help many people in different times, but he just exists in a story.

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Caught in the Vicious Circle

Question 1: Write a list of all the characters in this story and describe what type of person they are.

Cordelia – is a new girl and tries to be the leader and decide everything. I really don’t like her because she’s evil and fake. She’s commanding everyone and decides what’s cool and not. I think Cordelia is treating her friends like «slaves». Especially Elaine when her mother called her parents. Cordelia meant that Elaine should be punished because Cordelia thinks Elaine told her mother.

Grace – is 14 years old and the leader of the two girls, Carol and Elaine, until Cordelia came. Since Cordelia is the new leader, Grace doesn’t say something against Cordelia because she’s afraid of losing the status in the friendship.
I think she wouldn’t be so mean if Cordelia wasn’t not that manipulating.

Carol – is also 14 years old. I think she’s a good girl, but frightened to tell what she means. If she’s not that weak I think Elaine and Carol still would be friends, but she’s not strong enough to walk away from Grace and Cordelia like Elaine. That’s not good, because she must feel horrible inside.

Elaine – is at the same age at the two other girls, Carol and Grace. She’s the I-person in the story. Elaine was an afraid of Cordelia at the beginning, but after a while she understands that the three girls isn’t something to hold on to. At the end of the story she gathered herself and walks away from Carol, Grace and Cordelia. It wasn’t easy for her, but she realises that she don’t have to do like they’re telling her to, she’s a free human being.

Virgin Mary – I’ll describe her like a saving angel. She walks on air, have glowing heart and saves Elaines life.

Elaines parents (mother) – are caring and loving people. They care about their daughter very much and took the case in their hands and called the girls parents. 

Jill – is Elaines new friend. I think she’s accept Elaines meanings and supports her because Elaine’s keep her as a friend.

Question 2: What is the theme of this story?  What is the author trying to get across to the reader?

The theme of the story is friendship, who’s your real friend and not. That can be a hard choice and hard to figure out of. This is a very important theme and I think that’s why the author wrote about it. The authors have always a meaning of what their writing.I think the author, Margaret Atwood, wants to say that we should make our own choices and stand for what we mean, even if everyone else says it’s right/wrong. This is a really important theme to me because I don’t like people who don’t tell their meanings and agrees with mine. 

Question 3: What did you like/dislike about this story?

I like: the theme because it’s (as a mentioned above) very important to me and Margaret Atwood writing’s good. This is also a pressing theme for youth today in spite of that she wrote it in the 1940 ages. I like to read texts about problems that I experiences now like love and friendship, so this was a text for me.

I dislike: that some people are that evil like Carol, Grace and Cordelia! It’s fact!

My conclusion: «It’s not a right or wrong answer in the world until you decide what’s right or wrong to you! Remember that!» 

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Essay: question 5

I think the river provides freedom for Huckleberry Finn because he’s not bounded to anything. He can do exactly like he wants without someone is telling him what to do. Huck can travel away from his father who wants to kill him, and travel everywhere else the rivers can bring him.
In Hucks journey he experience many different things and learns to appreciate things.
Example: he didn’t like Miss Watson when she was telling him what he should do and not like going to school every day except Sundays, going to church, wash his face every morning, comb his hair every day, wearing clean clothes and sleeping in a soft bed. He didn’t like these things, and I think he didn’t like it because all of his friends in St Petersburg wanted to be like him.
When his father came and took him and locked him inside the hut, Huck wanted the life at Ms Watson.

The river itselves is a symbol and an unstoppable force, doing exactly that it wants without anything stopping it. When I’m on a river, I feel free too because of the sounds of the water and the nature. I think Huck feel free because of this, and that he can travel around without anything or anyone stopping him. The river brings him from place to place too while he can relax on the raft like the time when he and Jim was sleeping during night. The travelled without problems with the stream, but when they woke up they’ve travelled too far. The plan was to stop before they came to Cairo, but they have passed by the night and ended up in the Ohio River.

I also think that the river provides freedom for Huck because you can survive for a long time on a river. You can get food (the fish), drink the water (if it’s freshwater) and fresh air.
Then he can feel free to live a life without interruptions.

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Huckleberry Finn

1. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was first published in: 1884
2. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn can best be described as: He was a 14 years old boy without a mother. She died when he was young.  He loved to play with his friends, and they were just calling him Huck. Huck didn’t want to do ordinary things like going to school and wash his face.
3. Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer each received 6000 dollars when they found money that the robbers had hidden in the cave
4. Huck’s father returns because he wants the money Huck found (6000 dollars).
5. When Jim first sees Huck Finn on the island, he thinks Huck is someone looking for him because he has  runaway from his owner (Jim was a slave). 
6. Jim runs away from Miss Watson because: she wants to sell him to a slave-trader from New Orleans for $800.
7.   Huck escapes to Jackson Island and discovers that: Jim’s on the run to.
8.   Mark Twain’s approach to the issue of racism in Huckleberry Finn is that: the slaves are from Africa, so they’re black. They should have the same justice like the Americans irrespective of which country they’re from and what skin colour they have. I think Mark ment this because he wrote that Huck helped Jim to runaway to the free states.

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Mark Twain

  1. His real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens
  2. He was born November 30, 1835 in Florida, Missouri
  3. Mark Twain was an author who was an American humanist
  4. His most noted novels are; Adventrues of Huckelberry Finn and the Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  5. Mark got six other siblings, but some of them died in early age
  6. When he was four they moved to Hannbal, and that place inspired him for the two most noted novels
  7. At age of 11, his father died of pneumonia
  8. He became a miner in his journey ending in the silver-minind town of Virginia City in Nevada
  9. Miner was only one of his occupations (example; journalist, typesetter and contributor)
  10. He died April 21, 1910 because of a heart attack

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I think Lennie has a mental handicap and he can lose his temper. He don’t know the strenght of his body, and thats maybe because of his mental handicap. He killed a puppy and Curleys wife, but he didn’t want it to happen this way. Lennie is a carefull and loving man acting like a child. He also love to strike soft things like fur and hair.Curley and his wife can help him by let him do what he wants and accept how he is. When he loses his temper he can use his strenght to do bad thing he don’t want to. Then they can help him to know his strenght.

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The poor girl Cinderella was home alone and was washing the floor while her to evil stepsisters and her stepmother was at the royal-ball. Cinderella was sad and cried on the floor because she wanted so deeply to be there too. She was sitting there for some minutes, but suddenly a fairy appeared. “Do you want to go to the ball Cinderella?” asked the fairy. “Yes! More than you think! I want to see the prince.” answered Cinderella. “Then you shall go to the ball!” said the fairy and conjured the worned dress into a beautiful … What? Black EMO-clothes?! “I can’t go to the ball looking like this! Then I’ll rather be here..” yelled Cinderella sadly. “Oops. I spelled the spell unclear. I’ll do it right this time.” the fairy said uncertain and concentrated when she said the spell and swung the wand. This time Cinderellas clothes turned into a beautiful pink dress. “Thank you fairy! God bless you!” said Cinderella and smiled with her whole face. “Now, hurry to the ball and enjoy the night! Good bye.” said the fairy and vanished.

Cinderella came to the ball and walked up the stairs and went inside the castle. She heard beautiful music and walked into the hall nervously. She saw all the people dancing, but the prince was just standing beside the king. Suddenly she saw that the prince walking against her, but when he saw Cinderella, he stopped. “Who are you?” the prince asked politely. “I’ll tell you if you’ll dance with me” Cinderella answered nervously with a smile on her face. “OK, you beautiful princess. Let’s rock this party!” shouted the prince and told the servant to play disco music. The prince took her hands and spun her around. Everyone stepped away from the dancing floor beside Cinderella and the prince. They were doing the monkey dance and showed some moves! “I’m Cinderella. Take me or hate me!” she shouted loud to drown the music. “Then I’ll take you. Lets find a room!” shouted the prince back. They ran out of the hall and lived happily ever after.

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I’m playing handball with my team.
What are you listening to?
I will come home after the match.
Stian is going back home.
What’s inside the box?
I’m sitting next to you.
I can’t live without you!
He’ll sitting towards you.
The hole class are going on a trip except Ian.
I’ll get the paper for you.

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